Sonoff local updates

Not to long ago i managed to configure my local lan with the proper mdns/avahi protocols and was able to switch into “local” mode for my sonoff components.
most work well, according to the developer awesome work and documentation as published.
i do notice that entity’s attributes for power management are not updating as frequently as when i was connected to cloud.
in some cases, only after i log into my (primary) account with my phone’s “ewelink” app, i can see an updated power state for my devices (which does not changed as rapidly as it should, for showing real time states). i can pull states with “home assistant entity update service”, but that is not a proper solution in my opinion.

some other info of my config:

  • HA runs as VM on proxmox
  • IOT are in seperate Vlan
  • sonoff primary account on my phone, and all devices are shered to the HA account.
    i tried it the other way around - with primary acocunt for sonoff from HA, and phone with secondary account but with no different results.

any pointers for other stuff to check?