Sonoff lost in "Devices"

I had some time ago connected a Sonoff Tasmota. It was not connected few weeks. Added it hen in Lovelace as an entity so I can turn it ON/OFF. Wanted to create an automation, but there is no device under MQTT. I have entity for that, but no device. For automation need to use device.

Entered setoption19 1, checked Logging values, updated device list for Mosquitto. Why I can´t see the device?

I can’t answer why it’s not in your devices list (however I don’t have any MQTT devices either in my devices list either so it’s probably normal…) but why do you have to use a device in the automation instead of the entity?

If I am creating an Automation it only shows me devices. Sun goes down, so it triggers a device, no entity available

Picture of another automation

Select “call service” in that drop down.

then under “service” select the service to call (example “switch.turn_off”).

Then under service data put in the entity_id of the entity you want to control by the appropriate service selected above.

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Get this error, and can not save it


This won´t work? :sweat_smile:

entity_id: switch.sonoff_2

Thank You!
Now I got it.

How? Can you please explain?