Sonoff mini, 2 physical switches, 1 set of lights

I am trying to wire my home up with several Sonoff Minis. I have ran into an 2-way switch that I can not figure out how to wire. My setup is the same as the attached image. I have 2 switches on either side of the kitchen. These switches control a set of recessed overhead lights. How can I wire the Mini into this configuration, preferably with only 1 Mini if possible. Thanks in advance for any help.

Place it between the black to the lamp and from the last (right) switch. It does not matter how many physical switches are before it then, it just needs to send on or off tho the sonoff which in his turn send on or off to the lamp.

Where would the power for the sonoff come from? Any way you could draw a diagram of what you mean?

From N and L1…?


Sorry but have you googled :-)?

Yeah, I have googled. Probably too much to be honest, and maybe that is what is confusing me. I am just lost on what to put where. For my Lin, I taker voltage on the switch (to the right on my original post) and the voltage is never present on the same terminal based on switch 1 and switch 2 switch positions. so, based on switch setup, wire I take Lin off of will at some pint have 0 volts, which would cause the Sonoff to power off. Maybe I am over thinking it, but I just don’t see how to make it work…

I believe that in the Sonoff image you posted, on the switch with the Sonoff mini connected to has both power coming into it (so it would be constant) and the light output. On my setup, switch 1 has the power coming into it and switch 2 has the output to the lights.

I am completely baffled as what to do…

Better ask an electrician in your area.