Sonoff Mini duplicating use of physical switch (forced or not) + sometimes burning out?

I have a couple of Sonoff Minis, most of them nowadays are Zigbee. At some places at my house, the use of the physical switch attached to it is inconsistent. With some testing, I could notice that it’s even possible to force the switch on the depressed side to trigger the Mini again, what makes no sense in my (electrically-dumb) mind.

Below is a video demonstrating what I’m talking about.

One other thing I’ve noticed: it looks like three Mini Wifi (3-year-old) have burned out at the same day. I guess this is due to some power spike that happened at that day, then I replaced all of them by Zigbee versions - I was starting this conversion a couple of months ago, when I added Zigbee to a couple of extra switches, so… Ok, at least I got a nice reason to ditch the wifi versions.
But then, I also realized one of those new-ish Mini-ZB (which I installed mid-October) was out of the mesh, blinking green. I decided to deal with that at some point in the future. A couple of days later, here I am: it’s completely dark, and unresponsive to presses on its own button or the actual switch it’s connected to. I wonder if his failure to get in the mesh was already a sign that its components were going bad.

So… what gives?
Have we done something wrong with the Minis’ wiring which might be causing this inconsistency with the physical switches they’re attached to?
What could be causing the Minis to burn out unexpectedly like that?

I’m still looking for an aswer on what’s happening with some of my Sonoff Mini’s, which is definitely reducing the “spouse factor” at my house :sweat_smile:

The burning topic is weird but I know it’s complicated, but I wonder if anyone has a guess on what might have gone wrong with these Sonoffs which are creating havoc when we use the physical switch they’re attached to? Should I create a simpler topic instead?