Sonoff mini: wall switches: Random behavior

I try to switch ON/OFF the sonoff mini using the app, there is no problem (Flashed with Tasmota), it works like a charm always, but when I do it using the wall switches it just works “sometimes”. Random behavior.

For what reasson can it be caused?
Any idea?

What wall switches do you have (rocker switch or momentary switch). How is your mini configured in Tasmota ?

hi, thanks!

  1. rocker Switch
    Module Type: Sonoff Basic (1)
    GPIO4: Switch1(9)

You have to look at the Tasmota switchmode

And I have this for my Sonoff mini’s :


Thanks Francisp for your help, i could resolve the situation changing the hardware switch, i tested it with a digital multimeter and works fine, however i tried with other new rocker switch and works without problem, really i can`t undestand what was the real problem. :roll_eyes: