Sonoff not working is small IKEA LED lamp

Hi Guys,

I have successfully setup several sonoff basic switches inline on various appliances around my house. But I cannot seem to get it working with a small IKEA desk lamp

I have flashed the firmware and all is working as expected when I tested before connecting the lamp, but when I connect the lamp cable I don’t appear to be getting any power to the sonoff.

Any ideas?

Is the relay clicking when you make an on/off request?

Check your wiring. I would get a multi meter and see what the output contacts are providing when the sonoff turns on/off.

Thanks @silvrr but when I connect everything together and switch the plug on at the wall nothing happened, normally the Sonoff LED flashes briefly when switched on the show its working. I know the firmware is working because it works when I connect up the header pins!

I have tryed swapping the connections around and reconnecting the whole thing. I’ve even completely removed the Sonoff and plugged the lamp directly back into the mains just to check its working. I’ve also tried several other Sonff’s just to check it wasn’t a faulty one. The only thing I haven’t checked in with a nulti meter as I don’t have one.