Sonoff or TP-Link swtich on dishwasher

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I have an LG dishwasher that has an issue where it becomes unresponsive once a week or so. A power cycle resolves this but it’s pita because it is hard wired and I have to go and cycle the breaker.

I was thinking about adding a Sonoff so I could cycle it remotely. However, the dishwasher is 11.5A and the standard Sonoff only supports 10A. Plus they are not UL certified.

I could go with a Sonoff TH16 or Dual since the go up to 16A but still not UL certified. I also have a TP-Link - Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini that supports 15 amps and is UL certified. For the miniplug I would have to add a 3 prong connector to the power wire and plug it into the TP-Link. There is a grounded GCFI outlet there for the garbage disposal that I can plug into.


That is one powerful dishwasher, or are we talking 110V here?

Anyway, here’s another option:

If it’s 11 A then it’s probably on it’s own in the breaker panel.
See if you can’t just switch it there instead of unplugging the cable.

It’s just standard LG dishwasher. Yes its 110v

The Shelly is interesting. Is it ESP8266 based? Just worried about support/compatibility.

It is on it’s own breaker and that’s how I reset it now. However, the breaker box is upstairs and pretty far from the kitchen. It’s just a pain to have to run up there, while you are in the middle of cleaning the kitchen, to reset it.

Works with mqtt out of the box.

Log into it’s access point directly to set up wifi and mqtt then configure your mqtt switch in HA. Done. Do not use the app to set up the device it’s terrible.

Alternatively there is a custom component that has discovery.

If you do not care about monitoring power consumption then get a contactor and have it switched by your TP link


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Current can be handy for determining when the wash is finished for notifications.

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Yep totally agree - but he is near the limit (safe) of most of the devices on the market - he could use the Sonoff POW R2 which in Aus is rated for 16AMPs - but not sure about the US version and whether it is certified there.