Sonoff RF Bridge and Beninca garage door


I have two Garage Doors which I want to Control with my Sonoff RF Bridge on which I’ve applied Tasmota and Portisch firmware.

My interior garage door is a Ditec and the exterior one is a Beninca.

I use a Ditec gol4c (“c” is the fixed code version) remote to operate both.

For the Ditec gate I was able to learn the code from the remote using Tasmota, where I’m able to send the code and even Control it using home assistant and mqtt.

But, for the Beninca gate, following the same procedure, the gate does not react to the command sent by the RF Bridge.

I assume because I’m able to Control it with my remote which uses fixed cores that the receiver is also using them and it should no problem for the Sonoff.

Do you have any idea?