Sonoff RF Bridge + Energenie MIHO008 Light Switch

Just wondering if anyone has used the Sonof RF Bridge (with Tasmota) alongside the Energenie range of MiHome wall switches and light switches

I have ordered the Sonoff RF Bridge (on way from China so will be weeks yet), I have a light switch and a 2 gang wall socket from Energenie that I bought during Black Friday.

I had kind of assumed from the Dr.ZZzs video with the Sonoff Bridge that I could just get the 433mhz devices and capture the codes required. On reflection I may have oversimplified this by not understanding any pitfalls.

So has anyone managed to use an Energenie in Home Assistant without the need for their own hub?

P.S The reason I am using that particular brand is that it doesn’t require a neutral wire for the light switches here in the UK

I don’t have the light switch, but I can decode the energenie remote control with openmqttgateway, so their is a good chance the Sonoff Bridge will work.

I use their PiMote with my own software to control some of their plug/sockets and TRVs, so I don’t use their hub at all.

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Ok so I have the Sonoff Bridge RF flashed with Tasmota and sitting there waiting…

I foolishly thought I could just press the button on the Energenie light switch to send the codes for On/Off… how wrong I was.

Anyone got any idea how I capture this information via the Tasmota console to use in HA?

The switches I have go into learning mode when you hold the button down for a few seconds. At that point you send an rf code and it responds to that code until it is reprogrammed.

But I would have thought that was in the instructions, so maybe you have something else?

It’s because I am not using the Energenie hub, I am trying to use the Sonoff RF Bridge. I have ordered a remote control that will allow me to program it and then use that to push to the RF Bridge

The remote control worked a treat. I could use it to pair with the switch on the wall directly and then pressed the On / Off buttons on the remote to capture the code in the RF Bridge

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Ok incase anyone else reads this post, like me who was struggling for the bigger picture on this whole Energenie + Sonoff RF Bridge shennanigans

  • Flash Bridge with Tasmota
  • For Energenie Light Switch program the Energenie remote control buttons for ON / OFF
  • On Tasmota on RF Bridge
  • Goto Console
  • In the command box enter rfkey1 1 (this put the bridge into learning mode and you will hear some beeps)
  • Press the On button on the remote (the console text will say “Learned”)
  • Repeat for Off button (increment the rfkey value)

Test by typing rfkey1 etc into command window

For HomeAssistant add a new switch with a config similar to mine below

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Living Room Light Switch"
    state_topic: "tele/RF_Bridge/RESULT"
    value_template: '{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}'
    payload_on: "C5D06F"
    payload_off: "C5D06E"
    device_class: Switch
    command_topic: "cmnd/RF_Bridge/rfkey1"
    optimistic: false
    qos: 1
    retain: false

Ok so the end is still not in sight. It would appear that HA sends the signal too quickly for the switch to react. On the remote it takes a press of a solid second or so.

Now to find out how to do the same via HA :wink:

Ik i do this i see a switch named what i name it.
If i press the key on the remote the switch goes on and of.
So far so good.
But i have working switches with tasmota working wel only what i want to be working is that if i press the on button on the remote the light in the kitchen goes on.
I know if i use the app and turn the kitchen light on it works.
But for my hobby i want to let the rf remote control also put the same light on and off.
So how do i tell home assistant that if i press the button on the remote that the light in the kitchen (with a sonoff touch on tasmota) wil go on and off also.

Did you ever bottom this? I’m interested in attempting to control a Energenie MiHome Double Socket via Tasmota and the Sonoff Gateway.