Sonoff RF Bridge + Energenie MIHO008 Light Switch


Just wondering if anyone has used the Sonof RF Bridge (with Tasmota) alongside the Energenie range of MiHome wall switches and light switches

I have ordered the Sonoff RF Bridge (on way from China so will be weeks yet), I have a light switch and a 2 gang wall socket from Energenie that I bought during Black Friday.

I had kind of assumed from the Dr.ZZzs video with the Sonoff Bridge that I could just get the 433mhz devices and capture the codes required. On reflection I may have oversimplified this by not understanding any pitfalls.

So has anyone managed to use an Energenie in Home Assistant without the need for their own hub?

P.S The reason I am using that particular brand is that it doesn’t require a neutral wire for the light switches here in the UK


I don’t have the light switch, but I can decode the energenie remote control with openmqttgateway, so their is a good chance the Sonoff Bridge will work.

I use their PiMote with my own software to control some of their plug/sockets and TRVs, so I don’t use their hub at all.


Ok so I have the Sonoff Bridge RF flashed with Tasmota and sitting there waiting…

I foolishly thought I could just press the button on the Energenie light switch to send the codes for On/Off… how wrong I was.

Anyone got any idea how I capture this information via the Tasmota console to use in HA?


The switches I have go into learning mode when you hold the button down for a few seconds. At that point you send an rf code and it responds to that code until it is reprogrammed.

But I would have thought that was in the instructions, so maybe you have something else?


It’s because I am not using the Energenie hub, I am trying to use the Sonoff RF Bridge. I have ordered a remote control that will allow me to program it and then use that to push to the RF Bridge


The remote control worked a treat. I could use it to pair with the switch on the wall directly and then pressed the On / Off buttons on the remote to capture the code in the RF Bridge


Ok incase anyone else reads this post, like me who was struggling for the bigger picture on this whole Energenie + Sonoff RF Bridge shennanigans

  • Flash Bridge with Tasmota
  • For Energenie Light Switch program the Energenie remote control buttons for ON / OFF
  • On Tasmota on RF Bridge
  • Goto Console
  • In the command box enter rfkey1 1 (this put the bridge into learning mode and you will hear some beeps)
  • Press the On button on the remote (the console text will say “Learned”)
  • Repeat for Off button (increment the rfkey value)

Test by typing rfkey1 etc into command window

For HomeAssistant add a new switch with a config similar to mine below

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Living Room Light Switch"
    state_topic: "tele/RF_Bridge/RESULT"
    value_template: '{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}'
    payload_on: "C5D06F"
    payload_off: "C5D06E"
    device_class: Switch
    command_topic: "cmnd/RF_Bridge/rfkey1"
    optimistic: false
    qos: 1
    retain: false


Ok so the end is still not in sight. It would appear that HA sends the signal too quickly for the switch to react. On the remote it takes a press of a solid second or so.

Now to find out how to do the same via HA :wink:


Ik i do this i see a switch named what i name it.
If i press the key on the remote the switch goes on and of.
So far so good.
But i have working switches with tasmota working wel only what i want to be working is that if i press the on button on the remote the light in the kitchen goes on.
I know if i use the app and turn the kitchen light on it works.
But for my hobby i want to let the rf remote control also put the same light on and off.
So how do i tell home assistant that if i press the button on the remote that the light in the kitchen (with a sonoff touch on tasmota) wil go on and off also.