Sonoff RF Bridge Flashing command with (successful)

Hi, I’ve been having problem flashing the sonoff RF Bridge (v2) using (on MAC OSX).

Flashing was always shown by esptool as being successful but the bridge never booted up (no WiFi SSID, no Serial Terminal responses,…)

Tried many, many troubleshooting combinations , including : Changing baud rate, changing FTDI adapter, changing USB cable, setting On/Off switch, powering through VCC pins/USB, updating drivers, changing firmware files (Tasmota, MQTT gateway,…),… without success. Always the same: Flashing successful but device does not boot. Was starting to consider that the RF Bridge itself was faulty.

After some hours of troubleshooting and searching the web I was finally able to make it work.

Since I have seen others having a similar issues in other forum (without a solution), I thought that I’ll share this so future users having this problem can hopefully find a potential solution here.

The problem:

I was using this esptool command line to flash the RF Bridge:

sudo python --baud 115200 --port /dev/tty.usbserial-A5XK3RJT write_flash -fm dio 0x00000 sonoff.bin

This line does not work on RF Bridge.

The solution:

I’ve change the command line to:

sudo python --baud 115200 --port /dev/tty.usbserial-A5XK3RJT write_flash --flash_size 1MB --flash_mode dout 0x00000 sonoff.bin

And it worked at first try.

You just have to adjust the port name (/dev/tty.usbserial…) and bin file name (sonoff.bin) for your specific setup.
Baud rate work at 115200 for flashing but once it is done, the Serial interface of the RF Bridge work on a baud rate of 19200

Credit: The above command line was found in the following forum discussion Link to forum answer

Let me know if this was helpful.

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