Sonoff RF Bridge R2 v2 not logging received data


Newby here.

I have previously flashed the device with Tasmota and whenever I activate an RF Remote (Sonoff or Third Party) the signal is received and output displayed in the console.
I have now flashed the device with ESPHome in Home Assistant and while I have included the following in the rf-bridge.yaml file, the same remotes aren’t being logged in the ESPHome logs. With both firmwares, the red LED on the board which signals that a 433MHz has been received lights up.

pin: GPIO04
dump: all

The device hasn’t been hardware hacked yet. I dont believe this is relavent as 1) Tasmota logs the signals and 2) I’m testing with a Sonoff 4 button RF remote, a Sonoff iFan04 remote and a Dooya D90 remote.

Can anyone guide me as to what I’m doing wrong?