Sonoff S40 Lite a disappointment

Just purchased a 4 pack of Sonoff S40 Lite Zigbee smart plugs to build out my Zigbee mesh of a Skyconnect coordinator and 5 Aqara mini buttons on ZHA.

My hope was that by adding these mains-powered devices to my Zigbee network that they would be better than my Aqara buttons and provide the Aqara buttons the ability to connect to the plugs with a solid connection since they’re closer. This would leave the stronger Sonoff plugs to connect to the coordinator and each other, building a more robust Zigbee network.

Instead, I have Aqara buttons that prefer to talk directly to the coordinator 3 rooms away instead of the Sonoff right next to it. I even tried re-pairing the Aqara buttons to give it a chance to find the Sonoff plugs. No joy.

Looking at the network visualization, I understand why since the LQI/RSSI of the Sonoff plugs is significantly lower than the buttons direct connections. I’m disappointed in Sonoff. I’m considering replacing these with a Sengled plug to see if those work any better.

Not really looking for a solution, just sharing my experience in case others are considering these Sonoff plugs and may want to try something different.

I’v had good signal with thirdreality plugs. I think they run a 2652P chip in them.

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Yeah, these dont make good routers at all. The Aqara ones are far better.

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