SONOFF SV 230 AC in drty contact

Dear Folks,
My question seems trivial. Does Sonoff SV work 230 AC? There are different infos about it. The relay itself 10V 250 V. Even official site shows 230 AC input as option for dry contact. So, how can I use 230 AC input in dry contact (isolated) mode directly (as the pic shows) or shall I modulate from 230 AC to up to 24 DC. ?
Published drawing from the official sites: Sonoff_SV_mode|448x220

What does that even mean?

Different infos where?

The Sonoff SV will allow you to switch 230V ac if that is your question. It will still need a dc power supply to run the electronics.

Well, figure attached shows me confusing info, because in isolate mode SV Sonoff operates DC 230 V as well as AC 90-230 V as input. Am I wrong? Of course on the pins 5-24V power supply necessary (or optional if I feed the relay by AC 230 V)? Other sentence was probably wrong wording: if I have only 230V AC shall I use the relay by changing the current from 230 V to 24 V DC?Sonoff_SV_mode

Thank you for your reply! So if I understand well in dry contact (isolate mode) I can use the relay only in 5-24 V dc rather that 230 V ac on input side. I my case only 230 V ac directly available, I supposed according to the SV drawing that I can feed electronics in dry contact by ac and do not need dc. Sonoff_SV_mode

That is not in the picture you posted. It says DC 0-30V and AC 90-250V. You need a separate DC supply between 5-24v. You could get that for sure from the 230 V input with some more electronics.

You are right, mistake dc 0-30V or ac 90-230V

The input, on the left is switched to the output on the right.

The electronics that do the control come in at the bottom inputs and are isolated from the input/output.

Thank you for your clarification! Now it is clear that even in isolated mode board may operate as switch input-output or as dry contact relay on output site by with only dc feed on pins. :+1: