Sonoff tasmota PIR CM60T

I was able to flash Tasmota on sonoff bridge and configure MQTT to "talk " with it
My devices are discovered ( Power S26 and CT60M) but I do not see any entries in the MQTT or sonoff console so I am not sure what payload are

  1. do I need to flash tasmota on devices too?
    If yes, I saw details about doing it on S26 but how can you do it on CT60 ?
  2. why I cannot see paylods / details about devices despite being discovered ?

Many thanks

For the power outlet you will need to flash tasmota. For the pir, search the forum for the topic "strategies for receiving data’

Thanks for clarifying . I was able to flash power outlet and I did read the topics you suggested
However, the strategies are addressing how to use the PIR2 but, in my case, I am not seeing any results on RF console when the PIR is firing
MQTTLens watching topic # did not show anything either
PIR does change color and seems to work but it is not “talikng” with the RF bridge

Any help will be really appreciated

How far are the bridge and the pir away? The range of the bridge is limited, that’s why I have 2.

2 meters
I also try it from 5 cm ( right on top of the bridge) :-))
Is there a configuration change that needs to be done on RF bridge to enable verbose logging or accepting all connection or …anything similar ?
How would one troubleshoot connectivity issue between bridge and device ?

You are sure you configured it as a bridge ?

thanks for pointing the obvious ;-))
Of course that fixed the issue ( I can see entries in the console when I am tripping PIR)

Many thanks