Sonoff ZBMINI-L - Lost Conection after Some Time

Hey Guys, so i’m facing a issue with the ZBMINI-L. I suspect that the probelm is this device, but what makes me think is that i use 3 of them and all of them are having the same issue. After some time connected to the Zigbee USB dongle on Home Assistant, it loses connection after 1 or 2 weeks, I still haven’t figure out why. Also something that i notice is that if i use it too much, it stops responding for a while.

This situation was worse when i was using the Phillips HUE Zigbee Hub. It was loosing connection in 2~3 hours.

I heard from a friend that sonoff is not that good, and there’s other Drivers for Zigbee on Home Assistant. Right now i’m using the ‘Zigbee Home Automation’.

Any ideas?

I’m having a similar issue with the ZBMINI. I had it working for some time using Zigbee2MQTT on HA but that broke down so I went back to deConz to see if it was any better. The probelm as far as I could tell seems to be very weak signal strength either in or out of the device. I got it to work with Zigbee2MQTT by initially putting a mains (zigbee router) switch close by. That worked well for a few months then stopped working. It is currently paired via Phoscon/deConz but only works if the coodinator (Conbee II) in my case is almost adjacent. It fails to route via other devices. My coordinator is normally located quite a long way away in order to work as the center of my connected mesh of 40+ devices. To get any connection I therefore break most of my network which becomes unreachable. I’m wondering if there has been a firmware update but applying such things in the back of a light swtich in the middle of the house is not a trivial task.

Did you manage to sort yours? How?



My ZBMinis route nice through other devices, and have been rock solid since I put them.