Sonoff ZBMINIL2 Magnetic Gate Lock

Hi Guys, my first post so please bare with me. bad at explaining but will try my best. I recently moved houses and this house seems to be having a magnetic side gate which unlocks from the door exit button and is also connected to the aiphone gt-2c .I was reading that i could use a zbmini to trigger it but it seems that only the trigger wires are coming to the switch and its not powering the device on. i have installed a 4ch pro for the garage gate and i could use it to unlock the side gate but its not practical to pull a wire from the garage gate to the side gate. can you give an idea on how to install the zbmini to the side gate? thanks in advance.

Edit: Guys I kinda went with a Tuya Door exit button and got power from the aiphone to power it up since it works something like the 4ch pro. thanks for help guys merged it with home assistant and everything seems to be working fine.

Do you have any info on the gate? With home automation model number matters - and sometimes even firmware levels. So what’s the Make, manufacturer, model no? Pictures? references? anything you can tell to help ID how your gate works. Without that nobody can really give any advice without worrying about frying your lock or the relay.

I doubt any zbmini would be the right choice. All the zbminis are designed for 100V-240V and don’t offer dry contact mode. The L2 further complicates things by being a no-neutral option.

If you want zigbee, look at or

Agree on high voltage vs dry contact.

I am using Grier brand at home in different scenarios and happy with it. It is basically tuya zigbee under the hood.

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