Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Tasmotized


Yesterday I Tasmotized my Sonoff Zigbee Bridge following the steps mentioned on the blakadder website [] Installed the ZHA Integration everything went just perfect until today!
Al my Sonoff Devices who connect to the bridge are unavailable, Within the ZHA Integration I see 5 devices and 10 entities. I tried to pair a device again in ZHA but the search option keeps searching,
I can login on the Tasmota Bridge with it’s IP-address but I have no idea how to check if the bridge is functioning properly or how I can make the devices in HA up-and-running again.

Hopefully someone can help.

Kind Regards,

If you set the Sonoff Zigbee bridge to the tcp serial interface mode that is required by ZHA, I do not believe there is any status information you can see via the Tasmota web interface to the device. About all that is good for is to reboot the unit (probably only a good idea when Home Assistant is shut down).

Make sure to do everything you can in ZHA to remove a device completely and also reset the device completely before you try to add it again.

What type of devices are you using. There seem to be significant ‘different’ behaviors in different devices, some good, most unfortunately bad.

Might be a good idea to clear out ZHA install completely, add it to HA fresh. Reset ALL devices and then start slowly with one or two core router devices. See how they behave for 24 hours before adding a few more. Unfortunately, you have to get a good feel for any odd ball behavior by devices. I have found this panel to be helpful, see below. Good hunting!

title: ZHA
# icon: mdi:home-outline


clickable: true
  - name: Name
    prop: name
  - attr: available
    id: available
    modify: x || "false"
    name: Online
  - attr: manufacturer
    name: Manufacturer
  - attr: manufacturer_code
    name: Manufacture Code
  - attr: model
    name: Model
  - attr: ieee
    name: IEEE
  # - attr: device_reg_id
  #   name: Device Reg ID
  - attr: device_type
    name: Device Type
  - name: NWK
    prop: nwk
  - attr: rssi
    name: RSSI
  - attr: lqi
    name: LQI
  - attr: last_seen
    name: Last Seen
  - attr: power_source
    name: Power Source
  - attr: quirk_class
    name: Quirk
  - attr: quirk_applied
    name: Quirk Applied
sort_by: available
type: 'custom:zha-network-card'

Hi David,

Many thanks for your reply, the Devices I’m using at this moment are Sonoff Devices like SNZB-02 (Temp and Hum.), SNZB-03 (Motion Sensor) and SNZB-04 (Door sensor) these seem to work just fine when I had the original Sonoff firmware of the Bridge installed (only the SNZB-03 had it’s quirks).
That’s why I thought maybe Tasmotizing would help (Wrong assumption I believe :slightly_frowning_face:)

What is the best approach for deleting devices completely in ZHA?
I succeeded to remove the Entities from the Devices, but I don’t see an option of removing the Devices.
Perhaps you can give me an advice how to remove these devices, or is deinstalling ZHA enough for removing the Devices?

Hi David,

I think I found out why my Sonoff Devices were unavailable.
It seems after disconnecting my Sonoff Bridge the Router gave it a new IP-address, so it didn’t correspond anymore with the IP-Address mentioned in the Socket of ZHA!
All Devices are now up-and-running again.

I will also try the panel you mentioned.

Kind Regards,

Glad to hear you found your issue. Hope there is a way to get a fixed IP address so you don’t have to deal with this in future.

I think if you explore this forum on the Sonoff motion sensors, you will find similar stories of issues. That is too bad.

Hope you find a solid solution!

i use my router to assaignan IP based on the bridges MAC address, this ensures it always has the same IP