Sonoff zigbee SNZB-02D and sonoffLan

Hi everyone. I have the snzb-02d temperature and humidity sensor, the one with the display. sonofflan found me a binary sensor entity that is useless to me, while it works normally in the EWeLink app. I checked the official page of the device which says that with the official EWeLink addon for home assistant it works perfectly. Would it be possible to fix this? I have more than 20 devices connected with sonofflan and I don’t want to switch to the official addon.
Thank you

Any changes in this?

I’m thinking of buying some of these, but first I want to check that they work on SonoffLan.

Zigbee2mqttt indicates it as an unsupported device. How do you get it into the Ewelink app? How is zigbee supported in ewelink app?