Sonos TTS Repeating?

Has anyone else experienced TTS with Sonos looping endlessly all of a sudden? I made no changes to my config that I think would impact it but I am on the latest Sonos beta 8.3 I am pretty sure it must be the Sonos beta that’s causing this issue. Hoping someone else is too and can verify my theory.

And it’s back. Does this just happen to me? Not all tts repeats but for some reason my morning announcements do and it’s annoying. Can’t figure out what’s making it do this. When I look at Sonos app during the announcement, the repeat track option is not on so why would HA keep repeating the file?? Any ideas?

Shot in the dark here with a very old thread, but did you manage to fix this? Mine repeats about 4x, I have it set up in Node Red and even put a restricter in to only do it once but it still broadcasts 4x

Unfortunately not. It was random for me. It would happen for weeks then stop to only later start up again. I could never figure it out.