Sony Bravia - Change channels/source using scenes and Alexa


Using HA scenes and a Sony Bravia (and the component) TV i can change to any channel or source using Home assistant, or Alexa using the emulated hue component.

Heres the code, just replace with your ips:

- platform: braviatv
    name: Sony TV

   type: alexa
   listen_port: 8300
    - light
    - media_player
    - switch
    - scene

  - name: HDMI1
               source: HDMI 1

I have all the channels for the sony bravia tv if anyone wants them (scene.yaml), ill see if i can attach it to this post,



Great work @Rich_Paul,

i’ll be sure to use this, cant wait to be able to change the channel on my TV using my voice

@Rich_Paul Fantastic work. I’m looking forward to using this. Can you share the rest of your .yaml file?

@michaelmcarthur… Here you go…

scenes.yaml (16.7 KB)

You can either paste this straight into your configuration.yaml or reference another file using this:

scene: !include scenes.yaml

If you have other scenes, add them to this yaml. If you have 2 instances of scene HA wont start due to a duplicate key

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Do you know if it is possible to select the tv’s builtin browser this way? What model tv do you have?

Prob not with the above but probably possible with a few tweeks.

The TV/component supports quite a few features. When you open the browser the tv state changes to app. If you look on one of the developer tabs whilst the browser on the tv is open it should give you the info you need to set it using a switch/scene

I’ll have a look into it tomo.

Unsure of the model number but it has android built in so prob on the same version as you. It’s a 4k hdr 55inch curved TV, 2015 version I think.

Hmm, It looks my bravia doesn’t work with the HA bravia component. It’s a 2017 32" W600 (no android). Doesn’t seem to react to the PIN requests at all.

Anyway, thanks for the info

You can set it yourself I think. I had issues with mine I believe.

Do some googling, it puts a bravia.conf file in your root if i remember correctly, but you can create that yourself. I’m sure I read there was a workaround online…

Yep, I tried that. I will continue to research

No luck my end. Homeassistant doesn’t detect which app is open, just than an app IS open, doesn’t go any deeper than ‘app’.

It says my TV supports 19000 features though, it’d be interesting to know what that means!