Sony Bravia Home Theatre Control - change surround properties

I have a Sony Bravia TV and have it working correctly with the Sony Bravia integration.

I have a Sony STR-DH790 receiver that somewhat integrates with the Android TV. Under “Home Theatre Control” it gives me the option to adjust the “S.Field” parameter to manually select how the receiver should mix the audio.

I’d like be able to manipulate this property in Home Assistant so I can remap the remote control button to be able to change from surround upmixing of stereo content to normal stereo. I cannot figure out how to change this property.

The property is called “S.Field” and has the following settings:

2ch Stereo
Multi Ch Stereo
Auto Format Decoding
Dolby Surround
Front Surroun
Audio Enhancer.

The supported remote commands don’t seem to have any attributes to manipulate this. Is it possible send a remote adb command and if so how?