Sort the devices on the dashboard

I have 25 devices on my espHome dashboard. It would be nice if I could see them in alphabetic order.

Could you please post a screenshot of the view you would like to sort?

Makes sense to me. You should make your case clear here:

It already does, by yaml filename, I think. Is it because you have used capitals in the yaml filename for WemosPro.yaml ? That looks like the only device that’s not sorted alphabetically ?


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Would still raise this as an improvement. I agree that uppercase should not impact sorting :slight_smile:

Following the principle “if it confuses one user, it will confuse the next user”

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I’m not sure how the filename has uppercase letters in it. When you create a new device it only allows you to use lower case and -. Must have been edited outside of the dashboard ?

Also, if you make your nodename the same as your filename (as it would be if you created a device from the dashboard), it won’t show the filename in the dashboard, just the nodename (also makes the cards smaller so you get more to a page)

Just found an old request I made about sorting, seems some of the sorting / filtering was never done:

It does. I went into config/esphome and renamed Wemos_Pro to wemos_pro, and the dashboard immediately sorted correctly.


Nailed it.
I don’t remember doing this, but this would explain how I got an upper-case node name in the dashboard.

You might want to look at using only lowercase, numbers and hyphens for node names in the future as stated below, something to do with valid characters for hostnames. I personally a while back renamed all mine. I have 78 and it took about an hour

Change node name:

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This is still an issue:

As of ESPHome 2023.3.2 it is still sorting by file name as is quite annoying to find devices. I generally match the name of the device with the file name but in this instance all my s31 outlets have a standard name which makes the issue way more apparent.

I believe it should sort by the top row name ignoring the case of the letters.