Spamgourmet blocked?

Quick background: I recently joined the forum after getting started with converting my Domoticz install to hass, and liking what I see so far! First targets are radiator thermostats, covers and smoke detectors/sirens :slight_smile:

I noticed when signing up that I never got a confirmation mail when using a spamgourmet address.

I was wondering if that’s intended, and if so, why not mention that outright (eg a notice when you fill in a spamgourmet address that this will not work, instead of pretending it works and never sending a mail…).
Also, if it’s intended behavior- why? Spamgourmet is a very handy anti-spam tool, it helps to track down who sells your data or who got their database hacked (because you get mails to a certain spamgourmet address not from the site you signed up for). I guess it could be misused to create accounts, but so can any free mail service…