SparkFun NanoBeacon Board - IN100 + ESP32 Bluetooth Proxy

I’m experimenting with Sparkfun’s NanoBeacon to make small BLE temp / lv sensors based on the SHT31.
Problem with these boards is that the NanoBeacon itself is based on the InPlay IN100, which is One Time Programmable. In other words, if you mess up it’ll cost you a board. To avoid losing buckets of money I’ve tested the SHT31’s i2c commands in simple Arduino code and that part works. I’m now at the point burning my first beacon to see what happens. But before doing that I’d first like to dive in to how to capture the BLE data that the IN100 will be spewing out.
The data will be raw sensor data, which will have to be converted with commonly used formulae, so that part is covered. What I’m struggling with is finding out how to capture the data in HA using the ESP32 Bluetooth Proxy. I’d like to stay away from BTHome as this appears to be become deprecated soon.
Probably something that has been solved a gazillion times before, but I havent been able to find it here. There’s just way too much info available, one gets lost in minutes :wink:

So what I’m looking for is any suggestions how to capture the BLE data and how to make an integration so I can use it in HA.
Much obliged!