Speedtest integration is hanging my Raspberry

I’m having a lot of internet issues at home so I’ve decided to monitor the speeds to have a proper log. I’ve enabled the Speedtest integration the most simple way possible through the UI and with an interval of 240 mins and auto selected server.
The integration works as expected, I’m using a minigraph card to display and everything works fine but since enabled, the Raspberry freezes once per day and I have to unplug the raspberry since there’s no way to access or restart it (I can’t SSH to it).

I wonder if there’s something I can debug to understand why a speed test is doing this. It also happened once (but not always) that I ran the speedtest by calling the service and that froze the system as well.

This is expected and mentioned in the integration‘s notes

Ah, when I read that I thought that during the process it could affect performance but not to freeze the whole system.