Splitting up views into yaml files?

Hey guys

I have seen very mixed posts and cant quite work it out

I have split my dashboards up into seperate yaml files, but is there a way of splitting up views into seperate yaml files under one dashboard???

In this case I have 12 different rooms (views) and want to combine them into the house/wholehouse.yaml file

currently my config =

  mode: storage
      mode: yaml
      filename: wholehouse.yaml
      title: WholeHouse

Shure it’s possible. I’ve also done that: https://github.com/CM000n/homeassistant/tree/main/dashboard/rounded

With just single file includes you can do it like this:

  - !include /config/lovelace/views/summary.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/detail.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/links.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/monitor_1.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/monitor_2.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/power.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/batteries.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/temperature.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/system.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/speed.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/map.yaml
  - !include /config/lovelace/views/containers.yaml

I don’t think relative paths work in the dashboard file, so that might be the problem you’re facing. They will work in the included views though.