Spotify Integration is rather buggy or missing obvious functionality

Hi! I’ve just spent a ton of time trying to understand what’s going on with the Spotify integration. I originally wrote a whole thing about how the SpotCast functionality for controlling Spotify playback devices should be pulled into Core…

But… It seems after all my looking that core already does sort of support playing to Spotify Connect devices, but:

  • it’s buggy. I was trying to switch playback between devices and now Spotify is constantly switching between tracks, restarting, etc. It’s not me or my phone, so HA must be spamming out some nonsensical requests (I’ve literally never had this behavior before now)
  • This might have been triggered because I would transfer playback in HA, then transfer it back from Spotify, and HA would just never notice that I had transferred playback, and so it would sort of be “stuck” in the wrong state.
  • It doesn’t seem to properly refresh the device list on response from spotify (I had to restart H-A to get it to see my Phone after opening Spotify on my phone).
  • In fact, the lack of response to state changes from spotify is probably why the entity kept getting confused which device was being used for playback, and may have been the trigger of the random skipping behavior if HA is trying to re-reset the playback device and keeps “transferring” playback.

All in all, this is a bit odd. It feels really close to being useful and cool for easy wow-ing HA demos… if it worked. I similarly wish that there was an example of how to control Spotify playback and request the playback device from yaml/servicecall/automation.

Maybe this should just be a bug report at this point, since it seems to be intentionally-coded functionality that just isn’t quite working right, from my perspective. But maybe I’m missing something too. Thanks for reading.

I can’t definitely prove up, but wow, something was REALLY jammed up with spotify playback jumping all over the place. The only thing that fixed it was finally restarting Home-Assistant.

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