Spotify Source Aliases

I am running into an issue that I have been unable to figure out. Specifically with the Spotify integration, the source list contains a mix of human readable names and GUIDs:


I have determined from the Spotify web client, that the GUIDs line up with my Amazon Echo devices, and in Spotify they have names like “Echo Dot”, etc.

Is there a functional way to alias the GUID to the friendly name? I have tried to customize in my customize.yaml as so (with and without hyphens), but so far no dice:

          6131b17a-8905-46dc-8c80-43d8945295e7: 'Test'

This is how the device shows up in the entity_registry:

                "entity_id": "media_player.spotify_neonrage",
                "config_entry_id": "ccca36157ae5f350a3601f5c0de5227c",
                "device_id": "25ec635c4a68a96e73a7da5ccf4986de",
                "area_id": null,
                "unique_id": "neonrage",
                "platform": "spotify",
                "name": null,
                "icon": null,
                "disabled_by": null,
                "capabilities": {
                    "source_list": [
                        "Web Player (Chrome)",
                "supported_features": 444983,
                "device_class": null,
                "unit_of_measurement": null,
                "original_name": "Spotify neonrage",
                "original_icon": "mdi:spotify"

Thank you for any assistance!

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I have exactly the same problem: it has happened at least three times and always to the same Echo device (among the three Echo devices I own), always with the expected device name appearing on the Spotify app (both iOS and Win10/Mac) and the alphanumeric name on HA.

The last two times I tried defining aliases in HA, updating the device name through the Alexa phone app, deleting/adding the spotify integration from/to HA, deleting/adding the spotify skill from/to Alexa. I wasn’t able to relate the problem being solved to something I actually did. At a certain point the issue just disappeared (obviously something happened but I am not able to tell you what) and I was back to having the actual device name also on the HA Spotify integration.
In fact, I’ve tried the same things now (that I have the same issue for the third time) with no success.

Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone :slight_smile:

Very similar prob, Echo Spotify sources drop in and out of source_list pretty much randomly, although I have seen a pattern start to emerge…

4th Gen Echo (not dot) seems to disappear frequently, sometimes when it shows up, it appears as a deviceID and sometimes as a name. Annoyingly, this is the one I want to control with HA, but is the one that is the most difficult.

3rd Gen Echo its consistently OK. Shows up as a name all the time. Works reliably and consitently with HA

Echo Spot is bit random, sometimes it doesn’t appear in the list at all, but when it does, its always as a name

1st Gen Echo Dot is consistently OK, shows up as a name all the time.

I have no idea how Spotify collates the devices list or what causes a device to drop off it or show as an ID instead of a name. I can only say this is just one in a very long line of Alexa/Echo integrations that ‘sort of’ work for a while but are subject to Amazon’s undocumented whims and frequent breaking changes.


did you manage to find some solution to your problem with 4th Gen Echo?
Because I’ve just bought one myself to replace an older device, and I’m dealing with the exact same problem, which is driving me crazy, because I also want to use it for multiple automations
I’ve already tried unregistering/registering the device from Alexa app, re-adding whole Spotify Skill, but still same issue

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You can track the issue here. It’s a waiting game.