SquirrelServersManager - Alpha (free, open source), manage all your servers & containers in one place

Hi all!

Being a big fan of Home Assistant, I was desperately looking for something equivalent to manage my homelab and servers.
After trying a few of the current products on the market, none was fitting my need of a free, open source and UI/UX oriented.
Inspired by the easyness and UX oriented way of Home Assistant, I decided to code my own project.

Born of that idea is Squirrel Servers Manager, a backend and frontend system, build around Ansible and Docker.

The idea is to offer a quasi-transparent way of managing the configuration of your servers thanks to Ansible Playbooks, (endgoal being having a library of them)

Same think for containers, I have forked/adapted WhatsUpDocker and combined it with Ansible, so you can monitor, update and manage your dockers

The project is still in early stage, I am looking for testers, coders, contributors. All help, feedbacks are welcomed