SR-ZGP2801K4-FOH-E won't show up in z2m

I’m new to HA and Zigbee.

The switch is the sunricher with battery. I have connected a cc2531 (z stack 1.2) to my rpi cm4. I have now tried using both ZHA and Zigbee2mqtt but the switch won’t show up at all on Any of them. I have tried different sequences. I have also tried adding my aqara devices using both apps and that worked like a Charm so it seems as nothing is wrong with the coordinator or the configuration.

I have tried the guide for the PTM 215Z. In that, it is written that the switch will only work if it is located near a hue device. I have therefore connected a hue light bulb to the mains supply but it is not paired with anything. Is that sufficient. Does the hue bulb then has to be placed close to the cc2531 while pairing or how is that supposed to work? What Else could i do wrong here?