Ssh snapshot restore syntax?

Not sure what happened. But I’m only able to SSH on an SD. Samba is not working.

I am trying to restore a recent snapshot thru SSH but can not figure out the proper way to declare the snapshot name. I’ve tried a lot of different ways and closest I get is snapshot does not exist. But a list option shows the the file name.


Hassio snap restore -sn ???

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did you work this out? I can’t work this out either?!?!?

Step 1: hassio sn list --------------> get the list of the snapshots that you have.
Step 2: hassio sn restore --name “slug” ---------> Use the “slug” value from the previous list without the quotation marks.


Sometimes that doesn’t work

hassio sn restore --slug "211c4a8d" worked for me
Include the slug with the quotation marks

hassio sn restore “1671c924”
worked for me.


hassio sn restore “8b5434a3”
worked for me to