SSL Cert Check in Docker Container Error

I have the HA docker image running on my Synology. I have SSL setup through Synology DSM and Let’s Encrypt. I have the cert.pem and privacy.pem files mapped to the container and SSL is working properly. However, I’m having an issue getting the SSL Cert Expiry component working. My http base url was set as, but I changed it to just Regardless what I put in the base url, it throws and error and says unable to connect. I tried running the ssl-cert-check command from within the docker container and it says “Command not found”. Has anyone gotten the SSL Cert Expiry sensor working from within the docker container?

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Did you ever resolve this issue…I am having the same problem

No. and haven’t really attempted it again. I’ve found the certificate just “works” whenever it renews. I used to need to refresh the iOS app to save the new certificate, but haven’t needed to the past couple of renews. I don’t really have a use or need for the sensor anymore.