SSL Certificate, Docker Default Password - Node-Red Install after Oracle Virtual Box + Hassio Setup

Hello all, Super Newbie here! The entire setup went well on for Virtual Box + Hassio, and utilized the Cloud for remote access.

My goal: Install the smartthings-mqtt-bridge - to integrate ST. I installed Mosquito, and needed MQTT bridge, therefore Node Red… while attempting to install Node Red I got:
“[cont-init.d] executing…
[15:50:06] FATAL:
[15:50:06] FATAL: SSL has been enabled using the ‘ssl’ option,
[15:50:06] FATAL: this requires a SSL certificate file which is
[15:50:06] FATAL: configured using the ‘certfile’ option in the
[15:50:06] FATAL: add-on configuration.”

So now I’ve tried to use Docker, but it’s requesting “Docker” password, which I never set so I cannot use… It is done in

Anyone know what is the default Docker PW is, and/or any advice on what I need to do with the Certificate?

Laughter is fine if I’m way… off the mark here! I literally just started using this morning.