Standard Installation Troubleshoot

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Hi, I am trying to follow standard installation, described here

Device: Raspberry pi 3B -> 32bit

What I see

  • After installation device is not on the network
  • If I connect a monitor, nothing is displayed on it

What I did:

I flashed the HA image on SD card; via windows menu formatted the partition which was visible into “CONFIG” with FAT (didn’t see FAT32 option, but I hope those are the same?). By the way, the size of the partition is approx. 1MB.

To connect to wi-fi I used example here and only changed ssid and psk.

What can I try/check?

Nowhere does it say to do that. You have just wiped out the config.

Flash the card again, put it in the Pi and connect to the wired network.

If you want to use wifi, format a USB thumb drive (not the SD card) and follow the rest of the instructions.

Thanks! I misunderstood that part. (Was also surprising to me why it wouldn’t properly format it itself)

I’ll try to check if that solves the issue tomorrow

UPD: works

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