Start Receiver with certain Input

i would like to control my onkyo receiver. It should be started with an specified Input.
I can control it from the webinterface and choose Input there. Is there a possibility
to create a button in the webinterface which starts the receiver with the wanted Input?


Do you have the sources available put in your config file?

If so you should be able to create a script that would turn on the receiver and then select the appropriate source.

yes the sources are already in the config file. If i found out how to write the script, will it
automatically appear in the webinterface?

No, scripts don’t automatically appear. Look in your states tab, it should be listed there as script.xxxxxx. When you add it to the front end it will appear with the name and a blue ACTIVATE text. (a toggle similar to switches/lights will appear if there is a delay in the script).