Starting 2 different Scripts from an automation

Hey there
I got 2 Vacuums which Clean my Store after end of Work.
To have easy Access to modify or start the cleaning proccess, I created 1 Script for each Vacuum (so 2 cleaning Scripts in total).
Im now trying to start them on time.
In 7pm both Scripts should run (If further conditions Match - which don’t Matter Here).:

In my First try today i used These actions in my Automation:

      - service: script.roboterhintenallessaugen
        data: {}
      - service: script.robotervorneallessaugen
        data: {}

The First Script is executed, the second isnt.
Its hard to debug for me, because the Scripts take approx 4 hours (and some more hours in the Future, when I add mopping)
So I assume the second Script is executed, If the First finished. Ist that correct?

What do I have to do to make both Scripts start at Same time?
Is using the “parallel” the correct way Here?

      - parallel:
          - service: script.roboterhintenallessaugen
            data: {}
          - service: script.robotervorneallessaugen
            data: {}

And If so, I guess the Automation will continue, when both (parallel) Scripts have finished.
In both Scripts there is a wait (for charging the battery to a specific amount). The wait cancels the Script after 4 hours, because then the Vacuum ist trapped somewhere).

But lets say vacuum1 finished 1 hour before vacuum2 and should start mopping.
Then there ist no way within this Automation?
I then need an Input boolean Set true after the Script is done and Start another Automation (or Script)?

You can likely just use the indirect method to avoid issues with waiting and errors

  - service: script.turn_on
        - script.roboterhintenallessaugen
        - script.robotervorneallessaugen
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I didnt find this topic myself.
But it answered all my questions to call a Script via an Automation.
Edit: for some reason I cant mark your answer as solution