Starting dev but references rather non existent huh

Thought I’d start dev work. Used to do a lot for enigma2. So python, perl, html, css.

But where’s the dev docs where i can find:-

  • detail on architecture. all I’ve found is a handful of bare basic examples, and a diagram
  • state machines
  • data flow diagrams
  • ERDs
  • Reference manual of HA module and library python functions , members, constants and so on
  • build environment, builders, config explanations
  • design patterns
  • code examples for common features…
  • and what are you using for ts file compile and build, and where’s the reference for available functions and parameters.
  • what’s the advantage or purpose of using ts vs js vs python in HA,…?.. what’s the design decision considerations?

doesn’t seem to be much to go on? is there a reason for this. The onboarding seems to be a case of find out yourself. Ok if you’ve been in from the early days, not much help for someone aspiring to onboard quickly and crack on with the main task of creating functionally.

Didn’t Alan Turin once say “any good computer would write once - read many.” ( computers being a human at the time :grinning:)