Starting from scratch

Hi all

Just made the decision to give this home assistant thing a try
I’ve had multiple smart devices with different apps and poor google integration. A friend has HA and his smart home setup seems infinitely more powerful

Just bought
Raspberry pi 4b
Cooling case
Power supply

Shelly and sonoff smart switches
Smart rgb garden lighting
Smart outdoor sprinklers (smart taps, not multi zones but looking to make this with a 4ch sonoff soon
Various led strips around the house as accent lighting
IR blasters for TV/outdoor heater etc
3 Wyze cams with sense kits around doors/gates and garage

I’m interested in what people’s thoughts are regarding the RPI setup for the above devices
I don’t have a separate monitor etc and had read about booting the rpi from just a microsd. Then read about stability and thought I could use an SSD sata I’ve found online for quite reasonable prices

I’m bit confused about about NVR vs just recording my wyze cams to said SSD. Is there a significant difference? I’ve got 3 wyze cams, one used as a baby monitor and may add another two for security cams in the house when I leave

My wife is very much attached to her iPhone and if I could also integrate with home ridge and HomeKit for her it would be amazing. But can that be done simultaneously with HA also?

Sorry, lots of questions from a noob. There’s so much information about there it’s overwhelming when you get started!