State changes from Nest Thermostat are reaching HA with delay

I have a Nest Thernostat gen 3 controlling a Boiler (on/off).

  • oil-boiler in the picture is the state of the boiler switch.
  • Heating is a template binary sensor that is ‘on’ when hvac_action==‘heating’.

There is always a delay in the Heating binary sensor to show ‘on’, almost 1.5min each time, like here:

I imagine this is due to the time it takes to Nest Thermostat to report the attribute value change to Google, and then Google to report the value back to the HA nest integration. I understand it is expected that this is asynchronous and the delay might be out of control/scope of the nest integration itself. But Is there a way to minimize or improve this?

Historical data how this was observed (if one is interested): I’ve been using Nest Thermostat with Home Assistant for 3y and in general I’m very happy with the integration, and with the thermostat. Recently I created an automation to check whether it is actually my Thermostat that triggers the Boiler turning-on, whenever it is turned on, and not some other reason (e.g. boiler turned on by my 3y age son via the test button :slight_smile: )

In the automation I check that whenever the boiler is on, the hvac_action of the thermostat is ‘healting’. If not I get a notification. Because of the above delay, I had to add a delay in checking the hvac_action value before concluding.

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