State trigger from ON to ON (clicking on when component is already on)

I have just upgraded to Home Assistant 0.61.1 from 0.4x.x. I couldn’t get my tellstick duo to work. I’ve read about it and decided to get a RF link instead so that’s my current setup for 433 devices.

In my previous setup I had a push button that worked as follows:

Clicked on (from off) : turn on lights at brightness 50
Click on (when already on) : turn on lights at brightness 200
Click off : turn off lights.

This doesn’t seem to work anymore. When reading about state triggers I understand it as it only triggers on changes and I guess that is a change of logic from my previous installation to my current.

Is there anyone who can help me with some clever ideas on how to trigger actions on a second click on ON?

Thanks in advance,