Static IP - VirtualBox Bridged Adaptor

I have installed Home Assistant Operating System on my PC using VirtualBox and have set up the adaptor as bridged by following instruction here Windows - Home Assistant

Everything is working fine, but I am trying to find a way to set the IP address static so that I don’t have to reconfigure things that point to IP address after the host PC is reset (e.g. Frigate).

I have searched through the forum and the Internet, and many discussions have mentioned a way to do so in the old UI, under the Supervisor menu. But now that the configuration UI has been revamped after the recent update with Supervisor menu removed, could anymore please advise if it is still possible to do so in the revised configuration UI?

Thanks a lot!

You could do this at your router, or via the HA Ui.

Within HA, Go to - Configuration >> Add-ons, Backups & Supervisor >> System and select change next to the IP address. This will allow you to set your IP Address and CIDR notation along with your gateway and DNS server for IPV4 & IPV6.

Be aware this won’t stop your router from trying to serve this address to another device if the one you’ve specified is released from your DHCP lease. If you can, configure the static IP there too.

@H3ALY thanks a lot! I must have been blind for not seeing that button…

I have also reserved the IP in the router as you have suggested. Thanks again.