Statistics are off

apparently on may 20th at 5 am I uses 1909 m3 of gas
which is more then I use in a year.

when I check the database I see this

where “state” is the actual state of consumed gas.
and Sum seems to be some kind of calculation which is in line with the actual state.
however, at some point this calculation failed.

how can I fix this one?

update statistics
set sum = sum - 1909.something
where metadata_id=15
and id >= 1201844

or will that one break something? or are there better ways to fix this? and also how to avoid this issue in the future?

If you go into Developer Tools > Statistics and find the entity, you can then click on the image icon to change individual values.

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nice, thanks,
now I hope this will be a one time thing, because maybe next time I won’t spot this or I forget how to adjust