'Stay logged in' not working (firefox, edge, chrome)

I am using the latest 2021.1.4 version of Home Assistant Core but the issue has been the same since I installed homeassistant. I always select ‘Yes’ when prompted if I want to stay logged in, but whenever I close the tab or the browser I am again prompted to login to home assistant. This problem is present on multiple browser (firefox, edge, chrome) and on windows and macos.

Any idea what might be causing this problem?

Are you clearing cookies in your browsers?

No they are set to default settings. In Firefox i have added the url to the exception list.

My authentication settings are as below

  customize: !include customize.yaml
    - type: homeassistant
    - type: trusted_networks

I think it works locally now by adding the local IP to the always allow cookies list. It does not work for nabu casa though :frowning:

Same problem here, but only with Firefox.

edit: all ok now, there was delete all cookies and site data option enabled.

Same problema here but only with Chrome. Edge is ok.

Hello, where was it the option please?


Thank you for answering, I meant in which file please ?

Gleiches Problem mit Firefox.