Staying up-to-date on custom components with official GitHub repo

Is there a way to fetch and stay up-to-date on certain, specific custom components from the official Home Assistant repo? I don’t want to download the entire repo, just certain components that I’d like to specify and use. I thought about using git’s sparse-checkout feature but wasn’t sure if I’ve missed a simpler approach.

Are you after something like this?

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What are you referring to? I am not aware of custom components in the official home assistant github repo. Can you give us an example?

(I’m a newbie with HASS so forgive if I’m saying something stupid!) I’d like to stay up-to-date on this component for example whose contents I’ve put into a custom_components/lutron folder:

I have HACS installed also but how to hook it up via HACS

So you copied an official component into cudtom_components? This is not needed, the official components will automatically be updated when you update home assistant.
Custom components are components NOT in the official github. Some of them are available through HACS as mentioned above, where you can update easily. Other custom components are not availabe in HACS, for these you need to download the files and put them into the custom_components folder and update them manually if something changes.