Strange behavior with Samsung TV randomly triggering automations

Hi All,

Been running HAOS on Raspberry pi for about 3 weeks now. Since adding my Samsung Tv to HA using Samsung Smart TV.

I set up an automation so that when the TV is turned on, HA also turns on the back light for the TV and the Sky Q box. All works fine. I set up another automation for turning it all off again, also working fine.

However, since doing this I’ve noticed some strange behavior, notably the TV randomly turning on, so I started doing some digging to see if I could get to the cause.

I have a dashboard with the Sky Q and TV media card on there. When the TV was randomly switching on, the card would change to reflect that and start displaying channel info etc. This is important later.

I went ahead and disabled my TV / lights / sky automations ins HA. I also added a new automation, to send a notification to my phone whenever the TV turns on. I got that notification a moment ago. I flicked over to the HA dashboard and… the media players for Sky and TV were both off. The TV itself was actually off.

I cannot understand why this notification automation was triggered when the TV didn’t turn on, or why it was randomly turning on before.

Any thoughts?!

Thanks in advance

Software update

Thanks for the reply!

As in, you believe the TV is turning itself on to complete a software update? Or you believe a software update is required on the TV to fix the issue?

Others have reported that the Samsung turns on at regular intervals to check for software updates.
It is registered in HA as the TV coming on for a brief moment, but then it turns off again.