Strange Condition Issue

I have a automation that opens the garage door that is triggered by entering the home zone with a condition that the phone must be connected to the BT of the car.
What happens is the condition says not passed then half a second later it says passed, but of course the automation has failed because it did not pass

Add the BT condition as a state trigger as well.

Add the home zone trigger as a condition as well.

That way if it misses the BT condition after the zone trigger it will trigger again when the BT connection occurs.

Both conditions must be true for the action to run.

Another option is to use a wait template with a suitable timeout instead of setting the BT connection as a condition.

The BT condition is needed so it know what car I am in and what door to open… I ride a motorcycle that is parked in a separate garage from my car… If BT for bike is connected it open the bike garage door… If BT car is connected it opens the front garage door…

I think I have found the problem… I should have user “Or” condition template… It now say “Test if any of 2 conditions match” so now if I am in my car or my wife’s car connected to either BT head unit it will open the door