Strange delay for some switches in same group

I have a group with 11 switches (z-wave, wifi and zigbee)
When I turn on/off the group all switched exepts for two turns on/off direct.
The other two have a delay, the first turns on/off after 1min and the secobd after 2min.
Both are Zigbee switches (IKEA trådfri) and I have other of same type that turns on/off direct in the same group.

Any tips?

Are all the ZigBee lights in a ZigBee light group or did you add the single bulbs to a group in home assistant?
If you don’t have a ZigBee light group, every time you send a command the system will make one request per bulb and multiple requests in 1 second lead to delays/errors. If you have a ZigBee light group, there will be only one request for the group.

This might be your issue.

I don’t use a light group, just a ordinary group for all devices.
Zigbee devices is only switches (plugs) not bulbs, can and should I use a light group anyway?

Is it recomended to alway use a light group when turn on/off many Zigbee devices?

If you create a light group in home assistant the situation will still be the same, home assistant will send one request per bulb in the group. The group needs to be created on the ZigBee side.
I never used the Ikea app, but there should be an option somewhere to create a group of devices. Afterwards the group should be exposed to home assistant and you’ll then use this group instead of the single switches.

Ok, I don’t ude IKEA app or gateway, I use Trådfri switched and all other devices direct in HA, for Zigbee i use ZHA with Conbee stick. So I think it is not possible to do tha on Zigbee side.

The first weeks I used alls switches in same group it worked perfect, but now it is this delay.
Sure I have done other changes and also upgraded HA, but it is exactly a delay for 1 and 2min.

Ok I understand, the ZHA component doesn’t support creating groups currently as far as I know, it may be added in the future.
I also have a ConBee stick, however I use DeCONZ to connect it to home assistant and there it is possible to create ZigBee groups.
Is it always the same delay?

Yes it is always same delays. I have many Zigbee sensors so I think it is not worth right now migrate to DeCONZ.
I think i will try to created a new group with the switches with delays to see if the problem moves with the new group. They work fine when I use them seprate.

Sounds like this could also be another issue, but I don’t really know.

You can try this but it should make no difference, HA will always send two requests whether you have the switches in the HA created group or not.