Strange Philips Hue Issue

Hoping someone can help. I have come across a strange issue with Hue lights connected directly to a Home Assistant

I have 6 Hue lights connected directly to the Home Assistant Yellow using Zigbee. These have been working great for a couple of years.

Last week after the upgrade a strange problem started to occur, 1 particular light, after being turned off, immediately turns on again (every time it is turned off). The log blamed a script, I checked the config of the script and this did not have a step to turn lights on (it was a script to turn all lights off).

I removed the entitiy in this script for this particular light. The problem persisted, the logs now display the following:

Turned on triggered by service Light: Turn off

I decided to do a complete factory reset of the Home Assistant Yellow. I have setup the lights again, this time with no automation, scripts, scenes etc setup. I have found that the problem persists.

To be sure I have also ensured that the lights are not configured in Alexa (although the only Alexa I have that is capable of Zigbee was not connected), I also do not have the Hue hub connected (this hasn’t been used for a couple of years)

The issue only affects this particular light. I have also moved it to another light socket and the problem is maintained on the physical light. I am not encountering this issue with any other light.

The only conclusion I am coming up with at the moment is that the light itself is faulty. Are there any other possibilities?

I haven’t heard of or seen that before. I use one of the 4 button Hue dimmers to reset the bulbs. However, try cycling the power supply to the bulb. It may have to be done a few times for the reset to ‘take’:

  • Turn off the bulb for 5 seconds (from the wall or lamp)
  • Turn on for 8 seconds
  • Turn off for 2 seconds
  • Turn on for 8 seconds

Then try pairing it, see if the previous pairing picks it up again. Er, not after a full reset of HA (doh)

Would be interested in how it plays out for you.

Do you have any remotes bound to the bulb? I think they would stay bound together even if you moved the bulb.

I used the Alexa app to disassociate the lights from any other network then repaired them with Home Assistant so no issues with that.

This part works fine. I of course removed the light from the Alexa app prior to pairing with Home Assistant.

The only devices that have ever been paired with the lights are:

Hue Hub
Home Assistant

The hub is no longer connected, in fact not even sure where it is anymore.

I have made sure that the lights have been disassociated with Alexa (and the Zigbee capable of device has been unplugged again.

And I only have 1 Home Assistant, I did have one prior to the yellow but old one has been wiped

I have never owned one of the remotes so not had one of these paired.