Strange problem with script

I have the following script which was working ok with HA 0.108.9
I updated to HA 0.109 and it stopped working.
There was also a problem with my lg webos configuration (HA lost the entity)
When I tried the script didn’t work. Only the covers turned off
I rolled back to 0.108.9.
LG webos tv wasn’t available (it was until the first update.)
Script again didn’t work. only the covers.
I deleted the lg tv but again the problem remains.
Any ideas why this is happening?

  alias: Goodnight
  icon: mdi:bed-empty
  - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.bedside_lamp
  - service: cover.close_cover
      - cover.50758014840d8e91f036
      - cover.50758014840d8e91f4fd
      - cover.50758014840d8e91eaa2
      - cover.50758014840d8e918632
  - service: homeassistant.turn_off
      #- media_player.lg_tv_webos
      - climate.living_room_ac
      - switch.sonoff_10001bb5c7
      - switch.book_and_door_book_2
      - light.77626641ecfabc96e072
      - light.77626641ecfabc976395
      - switch.k1_kitchen
      - switch.balcony_main_switch
      - switch.balcony_balcony_1
      - switch.switch.balcony_balcony_2
      - switch.kid_balcony
      - switch.bedroom_balcony
      - switch.trapezaria
      - switch.k1_kitchen_spot
      - switch.book_and_door_door

Have a look in developer tools / logs. There will probably be an error message indicating why it failed.

I have restarted HA and there is nothing any logs right now. I can not test it right now because my wife is cooking and kid playing and I don’t want to disturb them :slight_smile:

I will have to wait until the night?

I did try it finally, and the logs showed the problem…
I apparently changed something and the mistake was below

- switch.switch.balcony_balcony_2