Strange reading on Arduino Port Expander Analog input "143.00000 V"

I getting Strange reading on Arduino Port Expander Analog input.
I tried multiply analog pin. All of them is same.
It says:
“[D][sensor:127]: ‘LM35 Living room temperature’: Sending state 143.00000 V with 2 decimals of accuracy”
While I measured 0,5v on the input.

I connected a pressure sensor 0,5v mean 0 PSI while 4,5v mean 150PSI
I think will using the following calculation in lambda (x-0.5)*37.5; but now I am puzzled
I have a very simple configuration:

  - source: github://glmnet/esphome@ape-external-component
    components: [arduino_port_expander]

  id: expander1
  address: 0x08
  analog_reference: DEFAULT
  - platform: arduino_port_expander
    id:  psi
    pin: A3
    name: LM35 Living room temperature
    update_interval: 10s